Rochester High Welcomes Amity Scholar


Bella Malatesta, Staff Writer

This January, Rochester High School welcomed a new French amity scholar, Nolwenn. This is the second time the French program at Rochester has received an amity scholar. Teachers are hoping that Nolwenn will be able to help the students further their knowledge of French language and culture.
In the past, French students had the opportunity to work with other amity scholars throughout Rochester Community Schools.

“Freshmen year I went to Adams, and we had a French amity scholar [whose] named was Mona,” senior Claire He said. “It was really interesting and fun getting to interact with her and learning about her life in France.”

French students worked to give Nolwenn a warm welcome and hoped to make her feel as at home as possible.

“In French club we have been preparing a list of things Nolwenn should do when she’s in the United States,” He said. “We’ve have a couple of Skype sessions with Nolwenn to get to know her better and we filled out a questionnaire about our personalities and learning styles to help her get to know us better.”

Nolwenn will be working with all levels of French students, but will be focusing most of her energy on the higher levels to further advance their speaking skills and understanding of French culture.

“I am most excited to learn about her culture and way of life,” Sophomore Pegi Laci said. “This will be a great learning experience for us and Nolwenn.”

Not only RHS students will get the chance to benefit from Nolwenn. Madame Arcangeli is trying to work with elementary and middle school teachers to allow them to work with Nolwenn as well.

“French National Honor Society is trying to pilot a middle school outreach program this year and we’d love to bring her to the middle school to talk about her experiences growing up in France” He said.

Not only will students get the opportunity to learn about French culture, but Nolwenn will be able to learn a lot about the culture in the United States, as well.

“This will undoubtedly be a life-changing adventure for Nolwenn,” French teacher, Madame Arcangeli said. “She will gain practical work experience in the classroom, of course, but more importantly, she will create lifelong bonds with many of the people she meets here.”

Overall, students and teachers believe that Nolwenn’s time at Rochester High School will be an advantage to many people all over the district.

“Nolwenn will be able to bring components to our curriculum that no textbook could ever simulate: a rapport with a native speaker,” Arcangeli said. “She will bring her expertise in culture and language, of course, but ultimately students will benefit most by learning to communicate in French with her in everyday conversation.”