Balancing sports with social life


Janis Gamble

The JV football team in the huddle.

Camden Williams, Staff Writer

At 6 p.m. on Saturday Oct 14, RHS held its 2017 Homecoming dance. At 6:30 p.m. that same night, the RHS Varsity Hockey team had a game against Flint. This type of scheduling conflict isn’t a one-time occurrence. All through the year, sports events and other school events or commitments conflict, forcing students to make tough choices about where to place their priorities.

“I would rather go to the sports event,” said Sophomore Cole Starnes. “You can be active and have fun.”

This conflict between school and sports events causes much stress in students. Students often have to decide between playing with the team or having fun with their friends. The difficulties are heightened even more for seniors, as some school events will be the last they will ever have. However, some coaches understand the issue and are more lenient about the students decision.

Each player has the right to attend homecoming,” said Bryan Kowalski, the winter coach of the Rochester United Varsity Hockey team. “And those that would like to attend are more than welcome.”

 In the end, the coaches have the final say on what event the players are allowed to go to, but the students may not be happy about the coach’s decision. Players also have the added distraction of the thought of the other event happening at the same time.

“I would rather go to the sport event,” sophomore Kotaro Seguchi said. “Once you sign up for a team, you are committed to it.”

Students often have to make sacrifices when committing to a team such as missing important school events. Most after school events are not mandatory, so the sports can continue without a problem; however, it is still a burden when  students know they could be dancing with friends at homecoming or cheering on the football team from the stands with some simple rescheduling.

 “As student athletes,” said Coach Kowalski. “I believe the players are always focused when it comes to competition.”