Annual Collage Concert is bittersweet for seniors


Chorale choir performs one of their well-rehearsed songs at the Collage Concert. Photo courtesy of Eileen Brennan.

The annual Collage Concert provides a tradition at RHS where band and choir classes come together to perform as one. While the variety of music draws full audiences to see the performance yearly, some seniors find it difficult to leave such a tradition behind.

“[My last concert] was bittersweet,” senior Lizzie Novak said. “That concert is one of the more difficult and long concerts because it’s really hard to hear each other in the mall, so I’m kind of glad that we don’t have to do that again. But it’s sad because it’s starting to set in that we only have three concerts left as seniors and I really enjoy choir.”

Novak loves the Collage Concert, and enjoys watching the performance come together in the end despite its various challenges in rehearsals.

“My favorite part of the concert is getting to see the band and the choir together,” Novak said. “I like the fact that we both get to [perform] a song together and combine together for that. And I also enjoyed hearing the percussion ensemble and all the hard work they put in.”

Many band and choir students such as Novak highly recommend that underclassmen join their programs due to the family feel such performing arts groups always create.

“We’re all a big choir family and it’s really easy to make friends- if you like to sing, joining choir is something that I highly recommend doing,” Novak said. “The majority of my friends I have met through choir, and going through high school wouldn’t have been the same without them.”