Charity Week benefits Dutton Farm

Photo from: Creative Commons

Photo from: Creative Commons

Bianca Mow, Staff Writer

Dutton Farm is a non-profit organization that allows people with physical, mental or emotional impairments to have different opportunities that they wouldn’t usually get. This organization was founded in 2010 because the founders’, Jim and Michele Smither, daughter had Down Syndrome. This year, all of the money raised during RHS’s Charity Week will be donated to Dutton Farm.

Student council made the decision to donate all of the money from charity week to this organization. Their choice was decided by a vote and the majority chose Dutton Farm. Because many have personal experiences with those with special needs, students such as freshman Teddie Turner like Student Council’s choice of organization for charity week

“I think Student Council picked it because a lot of kids can relate to being around someone who is physically or mentally challenged in our school or community,” Turner said.

Before the announcement was made that Dutton Farm was going to receive all of the proceeds from Charity Week and the Charity Ball, many, such as freshman Grace Lafleur, did not know about this organization and how much they are doing for our community.

“No, I have never heard about Dutton Farms before, but I think that the organization is a very good idea,” Lafleur said. “I’m really glad that people will get different opportunities because if them.”

Now that Charity Week is shining a light on this organization, more students, such as freshman Anu Yetukuri, said that they wanted to go to help.

“[It affects my decision to go to the dance], because knowing the money goes to a good cause makes me want to help,” Yetukuri said.

Students such as Turner loved it when they were told that Dutton farms supplies many opportunities to people of all ages, no matter what impairments they have.

“I think that this organization is great,” Turner said. “It allows the members to be around others like them. It’s a great opportunity for people to act like themselves and a safe place for them to be. It also allows them to experience different opportunities that they may not have had before.”

Overall, Dutton Farm does a lot for people in the community. Their nonprofit organization allows individuals opportunities they may have never gotten before, warming the hearts of many students like Lafleur.

“This cause makes me feel extremely happy,” Lafleur freshman, said. “People need to do more good things and this organization gives people the opportunity to help others do things they thought they would never get to do.”