Christmas Music Controversy: When should it be played?


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Christian Fend, Staff Writer

Christmas music is something that for many symbolizes the Christmas spirit; because of this radio stations have begun to play this festive music way before December, let alone Christmas. For many this is a great way to get in the mood for the coming holiday. However, for others it’s way too early to be playing Christmas music. AP Language Arts teacher Ms. Ericka Burke feels that Christmas music should definitely not be played so early in the year.

“I don’t like Christmas music,” Burke said. “Most of the time I find it annoying, and it’s over played.”

Burke would be happy if Christmas music was never played; however, she elaborates that if Christmas music is going to be played, it should at least wait until after Thanksgiving.

“I don’t think Christmas music should be played at all because I don’t like it,” Burke said. “I think for those that do like Christmas music it should definitely wait until after Thanksgiving.”

Junior Sid Osborn disagrees with this stance. Osborn is a passionate supporter of Christmas music and goes as far as saying it should be played year round.

“I love Christmas music; it is often the highlight of my day when it comes on in the car. Something about the spirit in the music really moves me,” Osborn said. “Sometimes I listen to it before soccer games to get me in the mood. It should be played year-round.”

Osborn goes further in explaining why Christmas music is so great.

“When you think of Christmas, there are a couple things that come to mind, and when you think of these things it just wouldn’t be the same without Christmas music,” Osborn said. “It should be played year round so that people can always enjoy the love and joy that comes from Christmas.”

Sophomore Lexi Houser also agrees that Christmas music should be played before Thanksgiving.

“Christmas music should 100% be played before Thanksgiving,” Houser said. “I love Christmas music, it makes me happy. I Listen to it pretty much year round.”

However, Sophomore Peter Camaj agrees with Burke in that Christmas music should at least have to wait to be played until after Thanksgiving.

“I think it’s annoying when I hear Christmas music right after Halloween,” Camaj said. “I can tolerate it after Thanksgiving when the Christmas festivities start to begin, but before then is just obnoxious.”

Burke elaborates on this position arguing that playing Christmas music so early is really just a ploy to make more money.

“I think that it’s so linked to consumerism and that they’re trying to get us to spend more or spend earlier, and I see what they’re trying to do,” Burke said. “They want you in the stores buying, buying, buying.”

Osborn agrees to disagree with this. He argues that playing Christmas music isn’t about the money, but rather about the joy of the holidays.

“Playing Christmas music isn’t about the money,” Osborn said. “Radio stations play Christmas music to make people happy, they play it because it boosts their ratings because a lot of people really enjoy listening to Christmas music.”

The debate as to whether Christmas music is played too early still continues to rage on. One thing is for sure though, some people will be joyful when Christmas music comes on, and for others the annoyances will begin.

“I think there is a huge argument as to whether Christmas music is played too early,” Camaj said. “While I believe it’s played too soon the thing is that there will always be other people who disagree, and that is why Christmas music will always be a controversial topic.”