Hail To The Victors

Elizabeth Bulat, Staff Writer

Each year since 1898, rival college football teams Michigan and Michigan State have squared up for the big game against each other. Michigan State had been a winning force for the past three years against Michigan and all eyes were on East Lansing this Saturday to see if they would continue their streak, or if Michigan would be victorious.

“I think that Michigan is going to win,” Freshman Olivia Lockhart said. “My grandpa went to Michigan and it’s always a tradition to support Michigan”

Michigan football, traditionally a strong national competitor, has struggled the past few years, especially when it comes to the Michigan State game. This year however, the Wolverines are having a very successful season with a record of 5-0 in the Big Ten Conference. Also, many fans believe Michigan’s new coach, Jim Harbaugh, has influenced the team’s success the past two years, and provides the team with a promising future.

“As a Michigan State fan I know what’s going to happen, I accept that it is very unlikely they are going to win” said Sophomore Sara Ang. “But I’m going to be supportive of them no matter what.”

With the Spartans having a 0-5 Big Ten Conference record this season, many Michigan State fans, like Ang, didn’t have high hopes for the game’s result. However, many Spartan fans remained loyal in supporting on their team who has given them success in years past.

“I was obviously disappointed because MSU lost but at the same time I was happy with how close it was,” Junior Austin Remick said, “it was nice to see them compete and keep it interesting.”

The game’s final score was 32-23, with Michigan winning for the first time in three years. Some State fans, like Remick, were glad that the score wasn’t as much of a blowout as some expected.

“As for next year, I don’t see much hope for MSU.” Remick said, “Mark Dantonio is still a good coach, but I think it’s gonna take him a few years before he beats Harbaugh.”