Golf team sets high goals for season



Luke Deel, Sports Editor

The sun is shining and the grass is green. Senior Michael Busse walks on the freshly cut grass ready for another day of golf. He readies himself gauging the wind in order to hit the ball as far as possible. With a couple of preparatory steps and one swift hit Busse hits the ball perfectly right near the flag.

“The team goal is clear,” Busse said. “We want to make it to state finals.”

Every player on the team seems to agree with this goal.

“I want to see my team at state finals June 10 and 11,” senior Michael Kelly said. “That’s where I want the senior boys to be left off at.”

But the journey to states is a long way according to varsity golf coach Paul Marti.

“Districts have 12 teams, the top 6 go to Regionals where there’s also 12 teams and then those top 3 teams make it to State Finals at Grand valley State,” coach Marti said.

A key player for the team that wishes to carry the team all the way is three time all-state golfer Michael Busse.

“In addition to making it to states I would like to win the title of Mr.Golf,” Busse said.

Mr.Golf is a title that would classify Michael Busse as the best golf player in the state. Busse admits his strengths and weaknesses.

“My strengths are driving and chipping,” Busse said. “A temporary weakness of mine is ball striking.”

Senior and long time teammate of Busse, Michael Kelly also comments on Busse’s abilities.

“Busse is a very good golf player,” Kelly said. “I have had a long history of him beating me on the course.”

In addition to Busse another strong golfer is senior all-league golfer Jared Nylund.

“The strong parts of my golf game are leadership and ball striking,” Nylund said. “ My weaknesses is putting.”

Coach Paul Marti has high expectations for these golfers.

“As seniors I would like to see them qualify for the state finals,” Marti said.

He also explains why he thinks his team will be successful.

“We have team strength, senior experience, weakness inconsistency,” Marti said.