Graduation party planning season has begun


Graduate Rachel Rosario (’15), senior Gabby Leo, graduate Lexi Thompson (’15) and senior Jenny Nguyen pose at a grad party last summer.

Hannah Chilcote, Staff Writer

Graduation party season is the time of the year when graduates can commemorate the last four years with their friends, celebrate their accomplishments and reunite with family in honor of this incredible milestone. In order to throw a successful grad party, there is a lot of planning and preparation required to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“This isn’t my first rodeo, so things should be more organized for my daughter’s grad party this year, but you never know when it comes to events that involve getting my whole family together,” parent Michelle Boerman said.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning a grad party, such as food, decorations and time.

“My mom and I decided to do a brunch style grad party because it is quick and easy and no one would end up staying super late,” senior Abby DeVilling said.

Some graduates are just looking forward to having a classic backyard barbecue.

“I have the perfect backyard with a nice big fire pit, perfect for a campfire and s’mores after some of my dad’s famous hamburgers and hot dogs,” senior Matt Benedettini said.

Often party attendees look forward to the food, which senior Jenny Nguyen said she thought a lot about.

“Picking out the right food to cater,” Nguyen said. “That’s the most important aspect for a grad party.” 

Twins, Jenny and Johnny Nguyen, will be sharing the spotlight on their special day of celebration. This concept of a shared grad party creates mixed emotions for Jenny Nguyen.

“I have reasons for wanting and not wanting a grad party with my brother, but personally I think I deserve my own day of celebration for once,” Jenny Nguyen said.

Nguyen’s brother, Johnny, doesn’t particularly have any specific attitude towards their joined graduation party.

“It doesn’t really make any difference to me,” Johnny Nguyen said. “It just makes it easier for my parents and family so they don’t have to throw two parties, which would be very expensive and inconvenient.” 

Grad party preparation can be a stressful period of time, but many of the seniors are just excited to celebrate and spend time with family.

“I’m excited because it will be a fun time to be with friends before college and I am not stressed,” Benedettini said. “It’s all fun.”

Although the parties themselves can be fun, Mrs. Boerman provides some specific advice.

“Don’t wait to the last minute, because you will definitely regret it when you are rushing around trying to throw random pictures on a board and it becomes a mess,” Mrs. Boerman said. “You have to order a tent, hire a caterer, make sure you have enough tables and chairs, get drinks, purchase grad party decorations … there is a lot of thought put into this special day, and as the day grows nearer, the stress always elevates.” 

Even though it’s a lot of work, Mrs. Boerman says it’s worth it.

“There are lots of ups and downs of this process, but in the end it always turns out to be such a wonderful time with friends and family,” Mrs. Boerman said. “It’s worth all the stress.”