Teachers explain what they love about La Croix


La Criox cans are found in recycling boxes all around the school. Photo courtesy of Julia Satterthwaite.

Lauren Karmo, Staff Writer

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Many of the teachers at Rochester can be found with a can of La Croix sparkling water in their hand. Spanish teachers Kathryn Porembiak and Beth East, English Teachers Jen Schrems, Julia Satterthwaite and Erin Burke as well as foods teacher Joyce Russell have been seen drinking this sugarless and carbonated drink around the school.

“I like how it tastes, that it’s carbonated and that it doesn’t have any calories, sweeteners or sodium like some other beverages,” Ms. Porembiak said. “It’s very refreshing.”

Other carbonated drinks like soda are off-putting to many because they are looking for a healthier option.

“If people are looking for something different to drink and wanting to kick the pop habit, it’s a nice alternative to pop,” Ms. East said. “Diet sodas are full of chemicals and regular sodas are full of sugar.”

Many of the La Croix lovers have many cans a day, however Ms. East has taken a break from La Croix for a while after drinking it for a few years.

“[I] haven’t [been drinking La Croix] for the past couple months- carbonated drinks are not great for the enamel on your teeth and can cause acid reflux,” Ms. East said. “When I was drinking it, I had just one per day.”

Many of the teachers drink La Croix not only as a soda alternative but because they genuinely enjoy the taste.

“It tastes like sparkling water with just a little bit of flavor, not a lot,” Mrs. Schrems said. “It’s just very refreshing and clean, crisp taste.”

Despite many teachers enjoying La Croix, lots of students don’t enjoy it and are not typically found drinking it.

“Maybe students wouldn’t like it because it doesn’t have enough flavor,” Mrs. Schrems said. “There’s no caffeine so maybe students are looking for more of a kick. My son, for example, he doesn’t like it. I can taste the flavoring in it, but he says it doesn’t taste like anything.”

Ms. Porembiak admits that La Croix has a taste that takes some getting use to and understands why some may not like it at first.

“I think it’s an acquired taste,” Ms. Porembiak said. “It’s not sweet like some people might expect. I didn’t like it at first either because I was used to a sweeter tasting Diet Coke.”