Different colored flowers hold different meanings

Zahra Ahmed, Staff Writer

When buying flowers for your loved ones, make sure you convey the right message. According to Telefora, different colored flowers have different meanings:

blueBlue Flowers: This calming color is often associated with peace and openness. These serene flowers are a well-received light in anxious times.

Green Flowers: greenflowersWith it’s connection to nature, green flowers stand for good fortune, health and youth. They’re often given to show optimism and renewal.

orange flowersOrange Flowers: Orange represents heartfelt sincerity. Such flowers are often given as a gesture of thanks for understanding. For example, the hydrangea’s durability will allow it to stay in one’s heart for some time and be a constant appreciative reminder of you.

Pink Flowers: pinkflowersPink is a symbol of grace and happiness. They usually bring out a feelings of youth, joy and innocence.

purple flowersPurple Flowers: Purple, being associated with royalty, such flowers signify dignity and success. They send a message of admiration and achievement.

Red Flowers: This vibrant color represents heat, beauty and courage. Rich red blossoms contain the power of passionate love, strength and desire.

whiteflowersWhite Flowers: White is a color tied with reverence, innocence and humility. Such flowers bring out simple beauty, modesty and elegance.

Yellow Flowers: yellow flowersThis bright color can’t turn a smile down. Yellow bouquets are bursting with feelings of lightheartedness, joy and friendship and symbolize new beginnings.