BRIEF: German students write to pen pals in Delta Epsilon Phi


Lauren Alison, Staff Writer

As of this year, a German National Honor Society has been implemented at RHS. To gain the points necessary for the year there are a lot of things that those who are a member can choose from. One of the options this year was to write to a pen pal in Germany.

Sophomore Claire Gleason explains exactly the pen pal program entails.

“Anyone who is in German National Honor Society could sign up to get a German pen pal,” said Gleason. “The kids we’re writing to are in eighth grade, but our German is still below theirs as native speaker.”

In the letters to the pen pals, members of the German National Honor Society talked about their favorite subjects in school, some of their hobbies, and questions for their pen pals to answer when written back to. While the members of the German National Honor Society will be writing in German, the letters they will be receiving back will be written in English so both set of students will be getting more practice for the language they are learning.

“We will receive a response written from them in English while ours were in German,” said Gleason. “I think it’s really cool that we have the opportunity to do this and not only improve our German, but improve their English as well.”