Being on the morning news


Allison Surinck and Jordan Sadler on the morning news.

Sara Trumza, Staff Writer

RHS students and staff get involved and learn about school happenings every morning through the daily morning announcements on the T.V. from senior Allison Surinck and Jordan Sadler.

“The announcements usually take 5-10 minutes to film. It takes Jordan and I a few minutes to get set up but then it also takes time for the video crew to set up, as well,” Surinck says. “However, sometimes Jordan and I don’t always read the script right on the first take, so some days it takes us longer.”

Filming the announcements does not require a lot of time, but it is still a commitment for the two seniors.

“We film the announcements during third hour,” Surinck says. “We go to class first, but then we go to the film room that is provided for us.”

While providing news for the school, the overall experience is a great one for the two.

“My favorite part about doing the announcements is that I am always informed with what is going on throughout the school,” Surinck says. “I love working with Jordan because he is very easy going. There isn’t a day filming where he doesn’t make me laugh. Working with him and the video crew is truly something I love doing each and every day!”

The news crew receives their announcements and daily news from the office, which makes it easier to inform the RHS student body of school occurrences.

“We get our news from Mrs. Russell in the attendance office. She helped get us a whole new filming room and equipment and she prints our scripts everyday. She is awesome to work with!” Surinck says. “Mrs. Russell has done so much for us and the morning announcements. Without her, the morning news wouldn’t happen.”