BRIEF: Captains Club raises funds for Guardian Angels to support veterans with PTSD


The Captains of Rochester’s Sports teams are meeting the veterans that they have just helped.

Stephen Kaddis, Staff Writer

At half-time during the football game against Southfield, Rochester’s Captains Club donated 1,000 dollars to the Guardian Angels Foundation. This foundation is based on helping veterans with PTSD.

“We raised money to help pay for service dogs that were needed for a veteran,” junior Demetri Pliako said.

The captains were excited to help those who had served our country.

“Participating in this service project for Guardian Angels was very inspirational,” Pilako said.

The players were able to learn from veterans with PTSD.

“I got to hear the story of a war veteran and understand some of the things they must go through,” Pliako said. “After hearing their stories I know the donations collected are going to a very good cause.”