Stugo members discuss the flurry of homecoming preparations


Maya Subramanian

Posters created by Stugo remind RHS students of the spirit day themes for homecoming week, starting on September 28th.

Maya Subramanian

Upon entering the Stugo classroom the week before homecoming, junior Anna Cloutier must quickly convert to a diligent mindset. At the ring of the bell, she and her classmates prepare for a meeting, during which each of the many committees designated to the homecoming week events must report their progress and goals. After the short conference, sparing as much time as possible, the Stugo members disperse and begin to tackle workload set ahead of them. However, Stugo’s planning and preparation process is not put on hold upon the class’ dismissal; the group dedicates much time and effort after hours to the homecoming week planning process.

As a member of Stugo, Cloutier has an active role in the preparations for the week. She is hopeful that students will appreciate the unique twist that the haunted theme will have on the week’s events.

“We have lots of new activities that we are really excited to have the student body participate in, as well as a big surprise planned for everyone,” Cloutier said.

Dean Tangalos, a sophomore Stugo member, also expressed his excitement for what is to come during homecoming week. He is particularly interested in the week’s theme.

“With the haunted homecoming theme and the ways we will incorporate it throughout the week, students and staff will definitely have a great and unique experience,” Tangalos said.

In regards to the events that are planned for the week, senior and Stugo member Chris Russell thinks the pep assembly will be a big hit.

“It will be a lot of fun,” Russell said. “We are adding a new twist to the pep assembly that will definitely get students excited and involved.”

Tangalos is looking forwards to spirit week in general.

“Students should totally be looking forwards to spirit week and the assembly,” Tangalos said. “I think it will bring a lot of fun and get really crazy.”

In particular, students can participate in Hallway Decorating Night on Monday, Sept. 28, which is replacing the traditional Banner Night that has been organized in years past. On this night, students will be able to embrace the haunted theme through creating decorations for the RHS hallways that showcase different student interests.

When asked what she was most excited for this year, senior and Stugo president Ellen Wegner expressed her excitement about Hallway Decorating Night.

“I am really excited for the Hallway Decorating Night,” Wegner said. “I think it will be a fun, new and exciting part of homecoming week.”

Senior Karl Chidiac is anticipating a great homecoming week and cannot wait to participate in the week’s events.

“[I can’t wait] to be involved in the spirit week and to make the last pep assembly super fun,” Chidiac said.

Sophomore and Stugo member Tia Stathakios expects that students will be especially impressed by the student government’s success in portraying the haunted theme at the school dance.

“The decorations for the dance look super cool,” Stathakios said. “I think that everybody will be surprised and that the theming will look even better than everyone thought it would.”

Social studies teacher Mr. Chad Zwolinski looks forward to spirit week each year.

“I absolutely love seeing the spirit that this school has and how much the kids get into the atmosphere,” Mr. Zwolinski said.

Freshman and Stugo member Julia Payne is determined to make this upcoming homecoming week great.

“With homecoming week right around the corner, we’re busy at work making it the best one yet,” Payne said. “We hope that RHS students will love all the aspects of the week as much as we do.”