Sophomore hopes to start Model United Nations Club


Club founder, Natalie Treichel, stands at her booth at the club fair as sophomore Christina Shepich signs up for MUN. Photo by: Sara Trumza

Sophomore Natalie Treichel is on a mission to establish a new club at RHS, the Model United Nations. She found a sponsor in social studies teacher Mr. Chad Zwolinski, and is now on the waiting list for approval as an official club.

“We are in the process of getting the club approved; I’m definitely excited for it,” Treichel said. “I thought it was a super cool idea that incorporates many skills necessary in school and life. Also, I just love politics.”

Model UN Clubs are starting up across the nation from students just like Treichel. The mission of the program is for teenagers to step into the shoes of UN ambassadors and debate current topics.

Mr. Zwolinski was happy to become the adult sponsor for this student-run club.

“I jump at any chance students are interested in social studies,” Mr. Zwolinski said.

There is a budget allotted at each of the three high schools to pay for 19 club sponsors, so there can only be a total of 19 active clubs.

For the MUN Club to officially begin, there is a requirement for a minimum of 15 members to turn in their club fees by September 30.

“I was interested in the club the moment I heard about it,” sophomore Rohan Singh said. “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and viewing other’s perspectives on the same issues discussed in the program. I’m also hoping to expand my history skills.”

Many students, such as Singh, are anticipating the start of the club. Sophomore Christina Shepich adds that she wants to join the club because she doesn’t have much time to do any other programs RHS offers due to her daily cheerleading practices.

“I’m hoping to have intellectual conversations with people who know what they are talking about and enjoy learning about world issues,” Shepich said. “Joining this club would make me feel smarter and I actually have time for this.”

Many people are busy with other sports and activities, and club founder, Treichel clearly understands that. She declared the club would meet once a week, either Mondays or Thursdays, and each meeting would only be around one hour long. Popular and recent topics, such as the Iran conflicts, would be discussed.

“I plan on putting up fliers around the school to let the RHS student body know about the club and what an amazing opportunity it is to join,” Treichel said. “We are hoping for the first meeting to be next week, so come out and join.”