From RHS to Canada: Students see Othello and Tommy in Stratford


Aubrey Ritz

On Friday, Sept. 27 students joined English teachers Mr. Chuck Kowal and Mr. Frank Gollon on a trip to Stratford, Ontario where they could see the Shakespearean play “Othello” and the modern musical “Tommy.”

“The best part of the trip is for students to be able to see professional productions,” Mr. Gollon said. “To get a taste for the traditional Shakespeare and something modern like we did this year with ‘Tommy.’”

The Stratford trip used to be annual, and the trip sponsors are trying to bring this tradition back.

“We hope to bring back the Stratford trip and make it annual again, simply because Mr. Kowal and I feel it’s so important,” Mr. Gollon said. “Mr. Kowal and I are trying to keep the costs down.”

Mr. Gollon says it’s a good experience for students because they can travel to another country and participate in a unique learning experience.

“It gives you a true appreciation for the theater of performing arts in terms of all the different things that they can do, not just in terms of the acting, singing and dancing, but technically as well,” Gollon said. “It’s nice to see live theater; it’s so much better than just watching a movie on a flat screen.”