Varsity dance team adds new members after tryouts


Sydney Bammel

The RHS varsity dance team holds tryouts every year in the spring and fall. On Sept. 19 and 20 the dance team hosted their fall tryouts for the 2013-2014 season.

“I think try outs went wonderfully,” RHS varsity dance team coach Calli Hornacek said. “I am seeing more and more growth with strong, talented dancers each year.”

At the completion of tryouts, freshman Mary Keller was added as a full member of the team, freshman Micha Massey and sophomore Brooklyn Pace were made alternates (meaning they will perform hip-hop with the team as they work on technique) and junior Jessica Zhang was named dance team manager.

“The main focus of the year is to continue strengthening and building our team,” Hornacek said. “We have already made huge leaps and bounds by adding a few new members and being able to perform at all home varsity football games.”

The team will continue their season with their new members practicing every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as well as performing at assemblies, competitions and a variety of sports games.

“The start of the season is going fabulous. We are off to a strong start with halftime and sideline routines for the varsity football and soccer games,” Hornacek said. “I feel awesome when I see the girls performing well. It is great to see when all of the hard work finally pays off, and I am as looking forward to our homecoming pep assembly Pom performance. It’s a huge step up from last year.”