Mr. Wescott returns to RHS


Maria Broecker

The new principal shift has brought Mr. Casey Wescott back to Rochester a year and a half after he completed an interim assistant principal position. He will serve as an AP along with Mr. Pasquale Cusumano, while Mr. Neil DeLuca has picked up duties as interim head principal.

“I am so happy to be back and happy to see students who were freshman and sophomores, now juniors and seniors,” Mr. Wescott said. “Also, there has been a warm reception from staff and students.”

Now that Mr. Wescott has settled in, he has high hopes of continuing Rochester’s respectable reputation.

“I want to make sure the school is student-centered and improve relationships with both students and staff,” Mr. Wescott said. “I want to show what the school and staff are known for.”

Mr. Wescott highlights the progress being made at Rochester by the other administrators, but also has some expectations he would like to see happen with Rochester.

“I think Mr. DeLuca and Mr. Cusumano did a great job of making students feel welcomed at RHS,” Mr. Wescott said. “I would like to increase student ownership and empower students to be leaders on the sports fields and in the hallways.”

Mr. Wescott feels it is important to look into the future of RHS and continue to advance, but also reflect on the success Rochester has had and how the student body has grown over the last couple years.

“The student body continues to get better academically with school culture and sports,” Mr. Wescott said. “After everything with Gage Garmo, it is an apparent that the school culture is very tight with each other.”