RHS begins new semester with different administration


Ninotchka Valdez

Many were shocked when it was announced that Mr. Rowland would be retiring at the end of the first semester. Although the change was abrupt, the new administration was put in place and announced the first day of the second semester.

Counselor Mrs. Kelly Messing-Mirabito discussed her knowledge on the change in administration.

“I know that they had a meeting, and they told us they were going to have Mr. Deluca finish off this year,” Mrs. Messing-Mirabito said “They were gonna post the position for next year and see who applies.”

According to Mrs. Messing-Mirabito, Mr. Deluca’s current position won’t play into whether he would be allowed to apply for the position or not in the coming year.

“I believe that it would be open to whoever wanted to apply,” Mrs. Messing-Mirabito said.

New interim assistant principal Mr. Casey Wescott may have been chosen due to his history working at RHS according to Mrs. Messing Mirabito.

“I would think [he was brought in] probably because he held the position before and so he has experience,” Mrs. Messing-Mirabito said. “He was our interim for a year, I think it was two years ago, so he has experience. He knows the building. He knows the job. So I think that’s why.“