Yearbook staff captures the action at the Crosstown Showdown


Julia Labban

At the RHS pep assembly and Crosstown Showdown on Friday, all of the action was captured by the yearbook staff and Prestige, the photography company that helps out with taking pictures for the yearbook. Yearbook advisor Susan Bentley explained the whole process that is used to obtain these photos.

“The staff takes pictures [at the Crosstown Showdown] and also we’re going to have professional photographers take pictures of the girls [team] at 6:00 and the boys [team] later,” Ms. Bentley said. “We asked [the yearbook staff] to take pictures of the student section because that’s quite a lively bunch.”

Ms. Bentley explained that the yearbook staff gains a lot of experience from taking shots at sports events for RHS, which helps to capture the true nature of the students attending the games.

“They get to be right down in the action and they wear their yearbook pass if they want to get in for free and take pictures and be right on the court. They have to watch out for the players so they don’t get hurt. They take a lot of different angles and consider focal points, lighting and action. They also have to take candids of the student section when students aren’t looking at the camera.”

The yearbook will be using a new layout with the pictures taken at the assembly and Crosstown Showdown with help from professional photographers.

“We work with Prestige which is a big senior portrait company, they take some of our yearbook pictures for us. The student section [shots] will be the pictures for the classmen dividers in the yearbook and the Crosstown Showdown will have its own feature in the yearbook which is new this year.”