Sophomore class congress plans Holiday Hype Falcon Friday


Amanda Capaldi

Class Congress’s latest venture of the year will be Friday Dec. 19. The “Holiday Hype”  themed Falcon Friday will be taking place the day right before a long break. Social studies teacher and sophomore class congress sponsor Mrs. Jessica Bastian further explains what will be going down this Friday.

“Games at lunch will be going on,” Mrs. Bastian said. “People dress up in their holiday attire- whatever kids want to wear that’s holiday themed.”

According to Mrs. Bastian, class congress has been working hard to make this Falcon Friday happen.

“It’s a spirit event during lunch,” Mrs. Bastian said. “Class congress has been meeting for a while to plan for the games.”

Mrs. Bastian explains that Falcon Fridays are not a fundraiser.

“The target of this event is to get students involved in the school,” Mrs. Bastian said. “Raising money is something we’ll be looking at more with Stugo when we’re working on Charity Week.”

Mrs. Bastian says the ultimate mission of Falcon Fridays is to raise the school’s spirit.

“The goal of Falcon Fridays is to get students more involved and raise the spirit, especially in these months when spirit is low,” Mrs. Bastian said.