German students celebrate St. Nikolaus Day


Jacob Groen

On Friday, Dec. 6 there was a row of shoes outside of Frau Nancy Hanson’s class because on it was St. Nikolaus Tag (Day). St. Nikolaus Day is a German tradition for little kids where they put their shoes out and “St. Nikolaus” puts candy in their shoes.

“The original purpose of this holiday was to reward good and punish evil,” Frau Hanson said. “Hence Nikolaus in the robe of the cardinal.”

Frau Hanson plans on continuing to celebrate the holiday with her students.

“I think it has value. I saw people looking at our Nikolaus on the door and heard several people commenting on it,” Frau Hanson said. “It is positive and builds cultural awareness beyond the walls of the classroom.”

Frau Hanson thinks the holiday is a beneficial experience for her students.

“I want my students to experience German culture so that they will make connections between their own culture and the German culture,” Frau Hanson said. “By experiencing it, they will remember it better than if they just read about it. Also, it’s fun!”