RHS can drive surpasses expectations


StuGo unloads the cans for shipment to the Neighborhood House.

Edgar Sokoli

Students and staff more than doubled last year’s donations with this year’s contribution of 12,115 cans and and $2,700 to the Rochester Area Neighborhood House from Nov. 17 through Nov. 21. Last year the totals were 5,134 cans and $350.

This year’s can drive was different from past years’ can drives.

“Students and teachers have incentives to donate this year,” Ms. Sarah Monroe said. “The three winningest teachers in total donations can win prizes like gift cards to Domino’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Holy Cannoli.”

However, Monroe did have mixed feelings about incentives. 

“It should come from the goodness of the heart for people in need,” Ms. Monroe said. “But, prizes help out and gets people to participate.”

Ms. Monroe did her part in making sure that students were donating.

“I encouraged students to bring cans all the time,” Ms. Monroe said. “I also sent out reminder texts and took money donations to buy more cans.”

Some think it might be nice to do additional can drives throughout the year.

“It’s nice to have can drives around the holidays so families that have nothing for the holidays have something,” Ms. Monroe said. “But it’d be nice to have drives like this more often.”