Falcon Fridays continue with ‘Grease’ theme


Luke Deel

Student activities director Mrs. Julie Harris oversees many activities, including looking after the new Falcon Fridays organized by class congresses. According to Mrs. Harris, these days will help promote school spirit year round.

“Falcon Fridays are days that students dress up with the designated theme,” Mrs. Harris said. “These days, hopefully will improve school spirit if people participate, it will also give students something to look forward to.”

Mrs. Harris explains the process of Falcon Fridays.

“Every month, class congresses from different grades will organize the theme of Falcon Fridays,” Mrs. Harris said.

This month Mr. Chad Zwolinski’s junior class congress organized the theme and activities.

“They meet up during lunch or after school and decide the theme,” Mrs. Harris said. “This month they decided on ‘Grease’ because of the play; overall, they will try to decide the theme based on current events in our school.”

In addition to students dressing up, lunchtime activities occur in the mall.

“For this Falcon Friday there will be a costume contest and musical chairs,” Mrs. Harris said.  “These activities will be held at lunch.”

Mrs. Harris has high hopes for Falcon Fridays.

“I really hope everybody participates,” Mrs. Harris said.