Yearbook begins to use videos to generate more student interest


Julia Labban

As forms of media evolve, there’s always something new to add to communicate with an audience, such as RHS’s yearbook beginning to use videos to capture what happened during this year at school.

“There’s an app, it’s called Yearbook 3D, and you can use it on a tablet, iPad or smartphone,” yearbook adviser Mrs. Susan Bentley said. “There will be an icon on certain pages on the largest picture. You just hold your phone over it and a video will activate. The first one is from the pep assembly.”

Mrs. Bentley said that the yearbook has now begun to use videos because of the interest it will generate.

“The opportunity to use this came from the publisher,” Mrs. Bentley¬†said. “We want to generate sales and we think it’s pretty exciting, especially in the years to come. You can go back and look at videos of your high school memories.”

Since this will be the last opportunity for seniors to get a yearbook of their school experiences, there is a special feature that can be used by parents sending their kids off to college.

“If their parents are going to buy congratulation ads in the yearbook for their student, then they can also embed a well wishes video on that page for their child,” Mrs. Bentley said.

Because of this new feature, the yearbook staff says they’re working even harder to get everything done.

“The stress for our deadline is not only stories, interviews and good photographs, but now this year we have the videos we’re embedding,” Mrs. Bentley said. “People really have to give 110% and it affects their grade if they don’t. It’s a real team builder.”

To inform more students about this new use of videos in yearbook, the staff hopes to do an informational video.

“We’re gonna hopefully do a little demo in morning announcements,” Mrs. Bentley said.

The whole theme for the advertising of this year’s yearbook is FOMO or fear of missing out. Mrs. Bentley said she hopes that this theme will push students to buy the yearbook this year.

“It’s so awesome,” Mrs. Bentley said. “You guys are going to love it.”