Humans of Rochester: Grant Calcagno


Brice Boggan, Staff Writer

Jersey number one; A number anyone would want on their back as they run down the field. Grant Calcagno currently wears Rochester High School’s number one with pride.

As Calcagno scores a touchdown, he envisions the progress he has made throughout his high school career. His progress as a football player, a student, and most importantly a person. As Calcagno is a senior, he will soon be ending a chapter in his life as a high school student. Hearing someone else’s story can entertain as well as inspire, and Calcagno’s story can do just that.

“Scoring against Adams was super cool.” said Calcagno, “Looking into the crowd thinking they’re all there to watch the team play”.

Calcagno has been playing football for nearly his whole life. He started playing standard football in 5th grade, and flag football before that. He plays wide receiver, running back, cornerback, and safety. His favorite position to play is wide receiver as he likes to catch the ball and score touchdowns. He believes that Rochester could have stepped up their performance throughout the season. Even though their record isn’t the greatest, Rochester did play some difficult teams. As far as personal performance, he is satisfied with how he has been playing. He still believes, however, that he can still improve on some skills. Outside of school he practices with his friends, going over routes and plays. He has also gone to football camps before.

“It’s crazy,” says Calcagno, “time really flies. As a freshman youre so little and now as a senior you grew up.”

As Calcagno is now in his senior year, he has a high school story to be told. To him, his high school years have flown by. The most challenging part was sophomore year when covid was in effect. There wasn’t a football season that year, along with Virtual Academy taking a toll. Compared to his freshman year he feels like he’s grown as a person. There isn’t one specific moment that stuck out to him, however he enjoyed the homecomings and pep assemblies. Calcagno’s message to freshmen is to have fun and make the most of high school. Time flies and you don’t really believe it until you are a senior. Enjoy high school.

Outside of football and school. Calcagno plays varsity basketball as a power forward. He also competes in varsity track and field as a short distance sprinter. He runs the 100 meter, 200 meter, the 4×1 and the 4×2. He is unsure what he wants to do in the future as far as college and a career, however he is considering business or exercise science. He likes to lift before school,chill at home and watch tv. He also likes to hang out with friends and go to school events.

“Live in the moment, focus on what’s important.” adds Calcagno.

Calcagno’s message to everyone is to live in the moment. To not think too hard about what’s in the past nor what’s in the future. To hone in on what you want to do and focus on your goals. As for his inspiration, seeing people online working hard is what inspires him. It inspires him to get up every morning and work on something that he can improve and to get in the gym every morning. To him it’s inspiring to see professional athletes and college athletes do what they do.

Calcagno, although unsure of what’s to come, has a bright future ahead of him. With his story told, he will continue to grow as a person.