The Falcon Family adds new members!

Makenzie Paul

As the 2022-2023 school year kicks off, there are quite a few new members joining the falcon flock. 


Mrs. Starr 

Mrs. Starr has joined the Falcon family as an AP Economics teacher. She spends the first part of her school day teaching at Adams, and then makes her way over to Rochester for the second half of the day. It is her first year at Rochester but she has been teaching for seven years. In the short time that she has been a Falcon, Starr says her favorite part of the job has been becoming a teacher at the school she attended. “It feels like coming home,” Starr says. Not only did she go to Rochester, but she was also a part of the Varsity Dance Team. “It’s been very cool being able to experience Rochester traditions from a teacher standpoint,” she concludes.


Mrs. Oddi

The next member of the falcon staff is Mrs. Oddi. Although it is her first year as a Falcon, she is in her 15th year of teaching! She teaches AP Psychology and other electives for grades 9-12. Although the school year has just recently begun, Mrs. Oddi says her favorite part of being a Falcon is the school spirit. “The school spirit at Rochester is off the charts” she says. Looking forward to the school year, Oddi said she is excited to meet new people. “I’m looking forward to making new teacher friends and getting to know all of my students,” she adds. If you have any psychology-related questions, Mrs. Oddi is the person to ask! 


Mr. Marchand

Joining the ESL department is Mr. Marchand. He has been teaching longer than all of the other new teachers with 22 years under his belt. He was thoroughly surprised at the culture Rochester has to offer upon his arrival. “It’s a really positive environment,” he said. “Everyone seems to really like it here.” However, teaching isn’t the only thing he excels in at Rochester. Mr. Marchand is the Boys Varsity basketball coach with Mr. Evola. He is looking forward to figuring out how to be a Falcon and the changes that come along with it. “It’s just different because it’s new,” Mr. Marchand adds. “I know some of the boys because of basketball, but I’m excited to get to know everyone else.” Outside of the classroom, Mr. Marchand loves to golf and disc golf, so if you ever want to talk golf in the classroom, you know who to ask.  


Mrs. McCann

This next teacher is not new to the district, but is new to the Falcon Family. Mrs. McCann has been teaching for 12 years, and it is her second year teaching in the Rochester School District. As many of the other teachers stated, she is most excited about Rochester’s unique school spirit. “It’s just absolutely incredible,” she says. The math department at Rochester is amazing, and Mrs.McCann says she could not be more excited to be a part of it. “This is a great district with talented math teachers,” she adds. “I feel so lucky that I’ve had time to work with people in all of the high schools in the district.” 


Mr. Gendreau 

Next up in our list of new teachers is Mr. Gendreau. He is a part of the business department and teaches business foundations, is Co-Op coordinator, and web designer. This is his 21st year teaching and is most excited about the cleanliness of Rochester. “I love the cleanliness and the feel of the building,” he says. Looking ahead in the year, Mr. Gendreau is most excited to get to know his students in this new environment. “I’m excited to build new relationships and meet new families,” he concludes. 


Ms. Smith 

 Next up in the English department is Ms. Smith. She is another alumni of Rochester and is so excited to be back. “I went here as a student so I was so excited to come back as a teacher,” she adds. “The best part of the school is definitely the students”. Since it’s her first year as a Falcon, she is excited to learn and grow. “I’m so excited to learn from my peers,” she admits. “I just really want to see my students succeed.” Ms. Smith is also a Reuther Crusader! In the mornings she teaches 8th grade language arts and then heads over to Rochester for the afternoon. Outside of the classroom, she loves to workout and watch movies. If you ever need a movie recommendation, Ms. Smith is a great person to ask. 


Mrs. Yuan

   Last but certainly not least is Mrs. Yuan, one of the many talented world language teachers here at Rochester. Since she has taught all different grade levels from elementary to high school, she is looking forward to a new environment. “I enjoy getting to interact with different people,” she says. Although she is new to the district, Mrs. Yuan is not new to teaching. She has been teaching for 7 years and speaks three languages. Mrs. Yuan is looking forward to exploring the school and “getting to know more about Rochester High,” she concludes.