Rochester High School’s Ski Team

A new season brings a bigger team than ever


Jaemin Kim, Staff Writer

The Rochester High School Ski team slides into a good season at Pine Knob Resort. 

With the new season of the Ski Team, many newcomers are making this year the biggest team they’ve had in years. 

“The season is going really well so far,” team member Eva Herrmann said. “We are staying consistent with scores and we are having a good time and being connected as a team.”

The team is very supportive of each other, making sure everyone feels welcome. 

“We support each other in a lot of ways, especially on race days when tensions are high. Our Varsity and JV teams always show up for each other’s races just to help out on the hill and be there for moral support,” Ski team captain Sarrah Tikiwala said. 

With all the support they receive from each other, they’ve achieved new heights defeating Troy/Avondale United only in their first week of racing. 

The team has improved over the season such as team building and forming a community with a tight-knit bond. “The team has improved mostly on an individual basis. We had a lot of beginner racers this year and the JV teams have come really far,” Tikiwala says.

Soon, team member Hannah Thibideau would like to see newcomers who are willing to learn and be able to uphold their sense of community. The team as a whole would like to see even the smallest thing that would help them out.

“I’d love to see support for our team,” Tikiwala stated. “Most people confuse the ski team with the ski club, so it would be nice to have some recognition.”