Downtown Rochester introduces “Small Business Saturday”


Photo taken by Mariam Hanna.

Jenny Kim, Staff Writer

Join in on shopping small and giving big this holiday season! Across the country, small businesses will be celebrating their own special day, with the support from their shoppers. Everyone is encouraged to shop for small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Celebrate the 11th year of Small Business Saturday in Downtown Rochester, on Nov. 28. Founded by American Express in 2010, approximately 20 stores across Downtown Rochester are participating on this day. Those stores will be enjoying their extra special day, while supporting each other.

“This day is so special because it really highlights the importance of shopping local and supporting members of your own community,” Elizabeth Viviano of Viviano Flower Shop said.

The participating businesses are also giving special discounts and promotions to their shoppers to share their joy with the people of the community.

“We are offering special sales on merchandise and holiday pre-orders, and customers who make a purchase will receive a gift card with a surprise mystery amount anywhere from $5-$50. We are also hosting a raffle with proceeds benefiting the Capuchin Soup Kitchen,” Viviano said.

In addition to the promotions throughout the different stores, Downtown Rochester has also added a fun giveaway with a huge prize! 

“Holiday shoppers will be able to enter a picture of their receipt from a purchase made Nov. 28 – Dec. 5 at a small business in Oakland County are eligible to win $5,000,” Events Coordinator Jenna O’Dell said.

This year’s Small Business Saturday will be none like the others with COVID-19, but the stores are being extra precautious to keep their shoppers safe.

“We are also taking all the necessary social distancing precautions to make sure everyone is safe while shopping,” Viviano said.