Technology has changed the face of education


Mrs. Shooks using her smart board to teach her AP Statistics class

Cara Giles

As the students start to take notes it appears to be just a regular lecture. When the students look up, however, they see their teacher writing on a smart board which projects the notes on the board. This is technology that didn’t exist in schools 20 years ago.

“There are more smart boards and online sources,” RHS graduate and English teacher Mrs. Jennifer Schrems said. “They never had these things when I went here.”

Technology has been incorporated more in schools. Because of this, teachers have to adjust to the changes that technology presents.

“I’ve had to involve technology to keep their attention because otherwise I feel like they aren’t listening,” Mrs. Schrems said. “You used to have to pay attention because that was the only way to get the info now kids don’t pay attention because they can just go online.”

While Mrs. Schrems sees how incorporating technology can be beneficial, she thinks there are a few downsides.

“Because they don’t have to work as hard they don’t want to go through the process they just want to get the answer,” Mrs. Schrems said.