Forty-five art students go to Grand Rapids for Artprize


Tommy Massa

On Monday, Oct. 6, 45 art students took an optional field trip to Grand Rapids to attend Artprize 2014. Artprize is a art competition where artists submit their modern art to be judge by the people in hopes of winning cash prizes. While in Grand Rapids, attending students were able to see many different art pieces, from the Meijer sculpture garden to anything in the GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum). One of the artists featured at Artprize was Jim Sawyer.

“Since I’m an artist and a scientist, I thought coming to Grand Rapids would be really cool to present my six dimensional mathematical theories,” Mr. Sawyer said. “Along with something pretty that people could relate to.” 

In addition to the art, students got to explore the city of Grand Rapids for the school day.

“Seeing a new city, if they have never been to Grand Rapids before, is something that is really great,” art teacher Mrs. Rachel Rose said. “Seeing what type of college town Grand Rapids is as well, [and] seeing all the different art museums and what people are doing there. It’s also character building to get exposure to a new place, and to see all the new art work.”

With all there was to see and do students who went really enjoyed the experience to explore Grand Rapids and be part of Artprize 2014.

“The best part was when I was exploring Grand Rapids, I stumbled upon an office building that had featured b’dazzled animal skulls on display for Artprize,” senior Jeremy Peckens said. “Also the experience of witnessing Grand Rapids during Artprize was something I would not of done if not for this field trip.”