Baking the World takes Rochester by storm


Jenny Kim, Staff Writer

RHS Junior Alana May and her friends started a business where they bake and sell cookies. With the profit, donations are made to the Children’s Hospital in Detroit. The group is looking forward to helping more families as they grow their organization.

May’s organization is named ‘Baking the World’. As the business started to grow, her friends agreed to join in and help. 

“The idea was started last year and was a group effort done by myself, Allison, Rhea, and Maggie, but this year we added some more friends so we can take on more and have more hands,” May said. 

The team bakes hundreds of cookies, right in May’s basement. They buy gifts and donate the money to the Children’s Hospital, to help the families in need during the holiday season. 

The cookie business idea sparked after her brother’s hockey team adopted families during the holidays. May loved the purpose of adopting families for the holidays. After some thoughts, she got the idea of using the baking business. 

“I didn’t know how I would even get the money and then thought of using the baking business to make money and sell the cookies,” May said.

Last year, the team delivered the cookies just for one weekend, but this year, they are delivering three weekends, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas themed cookies. May and her friends said they are looking forward to continuing and growing this organization, and they hope to help as many families as possible.

“We are so excited to do this again and help as many families as possible this year!” May said.