Parent-teacher conferences provide updates, put faces with names


English teacher Ms. Wood teaches her class while the students discuss the novel they have been reading.

Maria Broecker

Parent Penny Hampshire sits eagerly waiting to speak with her daughter’s teachers at this year’s parent-teacher conferences, which took place on Wednesday, Oct. 8 from 5 – 8 p.m. and Thursday, Oct. 16 from 3 – 6 p.m.

“I usually update parents on the students’ grades and behavior in my class, and really just check in with them,” art teacher Mrs. Susan Bentley said.

Teachers typically address the curriculum they’re covering and ask if parents have any concerns. Some parents come for a little self-confidence boost.

“Obviously I hope to hear how awesome my student is doing!” Mrs.  Hampshire said.  “Mostly to check my child’s progress and hear details what they are learning, important dates for tests and also to address any questions or concerns the teacher or I have.”

Mrs. Bentley believes conferences are beneficial.

“Conferences help benefit the students by making them feel supported by their school and their home,” Mrs. Bentley said. “[Students] realize people around them want to help them succeed.”

Occasionally, parents and teachers make improvement plans or accommodations to be implemented, and generate a follow-up contact plan.

“It encourages students to work harder as they know it will be reported directly back to the parents,” Mrs. Hampshire said.

In a world of electronic communication, conferences provide time and space for the human element of face-to-face communication.

“Conferences are a great way to put a face to name for the teacher and students for future communications,” Mrs. Hampshire said.