Signing Day

Two Seniors Commit to Play College Sports Next Year


Claire Benson, Lifestyles Editor

“Signing days are a way to recognize our athletes that are continuing their careers collegiately, and to honor their athletic achievements during their four years at RHS,” the athletic director for Rochester High School, Dean Allen, said. 

The second signing day of the 2019-2020 school year occurred in February at RHS where two athletes committed to play sports at a collegiate level. Carly Rodman committed to Rochester University to play volleyball and Kellen Burke committed to Madonna University to play football. 

Signing days are a tradition at RHS and have been occurring for several years. These events are held after school to celebrate committing athletes at the school in the presence of coaches, friends, and family. There are two events held a year (one in fall and the other in late winter) for seniors. 

“Signing day was important to me because I was finally able to achieve the dream that I had pushed myself for years to make into a reality,” senior Kellen Burke said. 

Burke has played football since freshman year and is very excited to continue his football career at MU. 

Signing day creates a supportive atmosphere where students feel appreciated and celebrated for their accomplishments. 

“The best part of signing day for me was seeing all of my friends and teammates who came out to support me and watch me sign,” Burke said. “After having played with them for so many years and having gotten to know them all like brothers, it meant a lot that they came.”

“My favorite part of signing day was being around all the people I love – my family, friends, teammates, and coaches – and being able to thank them for all they’ve done for me,” senior Carly Rodman said. “I’m so lucky that they’re always there to support me.”

Rodman has been playing volleyball for seven years, and decided to commit to RU in December. 

Overall, signing day is a great Rochester tradition to celebrate the character and achievement of these students.