Freshman class advisor Ms. Stefanie Shooks explains class goals


Jonathon Markwort

As the freshman class advisor, Ms. Stefanie Shooks has a goal to raise the school spirit of the freshman class early in the school year. Ms. Shooks has come up with a few ideas that she hopes will help to unite the freshman.

“We’re trying to initiate so that the first Friday of the month is Falcon Friday,” Ms. Shooks said. “We’re trying to encourage freshmen to wear blue so they see themselves as one united class, instead of being from Reuther and West.”

 After the class color day and freshman lipsync at the homecoming pep rally, Ms. Shooks has another big event planned for the near future.

“Our next big event is that we’re going to help student council with the can drive,” Ms. Shooks said. “We’re playing a support role to gain awareness and get participation.”

The freshman class, however, is not responsible for all of the activities.

“Freshman Field Day depends on the mentor team,” Ms. Shooks said. “If they want to do it, it’s going to happen, but it depends on them.”

Following this year’s homecoming, Ms. Shooks is optimistic that this year’s freshman class will be more involved than those of the past.

“Homecoming week was our first big thing,” Ms. Shooks said. “We wanted to get kids involved in lip sync, banner night, and other things. This year we’re much better than the past. The kids are much more open to things than in the past. They’re more willing to be outgoing and put themselves out there.”