Sophomore class attends assembly on code of conduct


Ms. Wise works as both the head of the sophomore class and a social studies teacher at RHS. She works with Mr. Rowland, the assistant principals and the sophomore class council to create an environment for sophomores to become more active in school, community service and extracurriculars.

Bilqees Salie

Students attended grade-level meetings in the auditorium during the second week of school. Principal Charles Rowland III and assistant principals Neil DeLuca and Pasquale Cusumano reviewed the code of conduct and discussed opportunities for students to get involved.

“Two key terms are RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY when it comes to student behavior in general,” Mr. Rowland said. “Take advantage of the great teachers and the great opportunities here at RHS and you’ll be prepared for college.”

One of the key points of the code of conduct discussion revolved around the issue of physical fighting. The administrators stressed this motto: don’t initiate, participate or retaliate.

“We have a zero tolerance fighting policy; it’s not even negotiable,” Mr. Rowland said. “You’re bright kids. There are other ways to handle disagreements than starting a physical altercation.”

Another important discussion was about bullying, specifically using social media to write negative things about students or staff members.

“It’s there forever,” Mr. Cusumano said. “Whatever you say can be tracked and taken to the police. Everyone has the right to a great education here. We have no tolerance for bullying.”

The dress code discussion aroused student interest.

“If you’re dressed inappropriately for school, you’re showing that you’re not respecting yourself,” Mr. Rowland said. “Respect yourself and you can expect others will do the same.”

Regarding bringing cigarettes, lighters, marijuana, pills, weapons or other illegal substances, the administrators encouraged kids to use their brains.

“We will not tolerate behavior that will compromise the safety, health and well-being of others at RHS,” Mr. Rowland said. “Make good choices.”