Future falcons visit Rochester

8th graders visit RHS for lunch and a tour

Holly McDonald, Staff Writer

On May 28 and 31, 8th graders from West and Reuther came to visit Rochester High school. Students were able to experience what it feels like to be a Falcon, with an upperclassman there with them.

When the students came, they were put in small groups with an RHS student to lead them. They first ate lunch, where they were able to learn how to purchase lunch in the cafeteria. The students also were given the chance to talk to the mentors about their questions for high school. The discussed concerns they had, classes, sports, passing time, homework and much more. Student Council also spoke during lunch, and music played to make for an enjoyable lunch.

After lunch, the groups were taken on guided tours of the building. On this tour, the mentor highlighted specific areas in the school such as the offices, the media center, the athletic wing, the F hallway, the band room, and the auditorium.

The tour ended in the auditorium, where faculty talked to the students about RHS. Students were also shown a “welcome freshmen” video. In the video, students were able to learn about the specifics of high school. Some of the things they watched included some of the dos and don’ts of high school, about their lockers and about the importance of grades.

Rochester high is committed to making the transition for freshmen an easy one. Students will be back in the summer for freshman registration and orientation. RHS is very excited to have a new group of Falcons be part of the school next year.