5 Seconds of Summer band heats up in Mich.


Melanie Wong

Waiting in a queue for several hours in the bitter temperatures with nothing more than a foldable chair, a blanket and a hoard of snacks may seem like an unconventional idea of fun for a Friday night out in the town. However, some fans of the rising Australian pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer (often referred to as 5SOS) did just that and camped outside the night before at the venue where the boys would perform the following day.

The Aussie four-piece consisting of lead singer/guitarist Luke Hemmings, bassist/vocalist Calum Hood, guitarist/vocalist Michael Clifford, and drummer/vocalist Ashton Irwin are no strangers to the tremendous dedication and perseverance they receive from their fans when stopping in a city to prepare for a show. In the past year, they have gained mass support from devotees all across the globe after previously performing as the opening act for the Brit-pop sensations One Direction on their last world tour.

Now, 5SOS are taking on the world with their own mini tour across North America to continue to showcase their suave vocals, wicked guitar riffs, and sculpted arm muscles in front of thousands of adoring fans.

The Royal Oak Music Theatre was the band’s fifth stop on their sold-out Stars, Stripes and Maple Syrup Tour and they showed no signs of idleness or fatigue, just pure exhilaration and energy radiated as they scampered across the stage. They opened with their teen angst anthem “Eighteen” to heat up the crowd and maintained the lively vibe throughout the night as they belted out the lyrics to their 15-song setlist.

In between, they made countless thank yous to the fans and even paid homage to Detroit artists by rapping a few lines from Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and performing their own punk rendition of The Romantics’ “What I Like About You.”

Each performance by the band was met by a plethora of wild screams, joyful tears, and occasionally a fainting spell. Their seemingly boundless energy on stage enhanced the atmosphere in the venue and enlivened the crowd during each song; not a single dull moment existed that evening. By the end of the show, the boys thanked their fans one more time and said their final goodbyes as they rocked out to their last song of the night, which undoubtedly generated the most spirit by both the band and crowd.

5SOS have proven that they have the musical caliber to rank themselves in the same league as their predecessors of punk rock (All Time Low, Blink-182), while also being able to amass an ever-growing following similar to that of modern day mainstream artists. Next time they come around to Michigan, try hard to snatch a ticket; they are a gem of this generation that cannot be overlooked.

Complete setlist:
Out of My Limit
Voodoo Doll
Don’t Stop
Heartache on the Big Screen
Lost Boy
Beside You
Heartbreak Girl
Teenage Dream
Good Girls Are Bad Girls
She Looks So Perfect
What I Like About You
Try Hard