Senior Column: Expect nothing/accept everything


Taylor Garber, Staff Writer

Closing in on the last few weeks of my senior year, I can say that my experiences and memories (not particularly faced in the halls of RHS, but in my time period here) during these past four years have shaped me to become the woman I am today. Without the hardships (and even the times of prosperity), I wouldn’t be, well, me. Throughout my times of chaos and madness, I have made it to the end of my high school journey, and even though I talk about how much I didn’t enjoy my years at RHS, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss this place. I went from a naive, innocent freshman, to an experienced, easy going senior who will actually think of my lame high school days as the days I got to transform and create myself into who I’ve always wanted to become.

When you’re young, you truly have no idea what you’re doing. You could walk into a situation you planned for, but end up experiencing something unworldly and uncalled for. But that’s what life is: throwing yourself out into the open and not knowing what to expect. One should expect nothing, but accept everything, and that is what has gotten me through these four years.

If I would have known what the outcome of my experience would have been during these past four years, it would have ruined the excitement of actually experiencing a particular moment or feeling. Even if the occasion was negative, like failing a test or losing a friendship, I wouldn’t want to know the conclusion of it beforehand, because some things like that were meant to happen without expecting anything ahead of time. Especially with positive occasions, I wouldn’t want to have known I would get 100 percent on a test before I took it, and I wouldn’t want to know a date went well before I went on it, because I like the surprise factor of not knowing. Whatever the fallout was, it helped me become me, and my practices set forth my morals and ethics.

Today, I’m more understandable and empathetic than I was three years ago. I’m more accepting. I’m more sensitive and vulnerable. But, I’m still childish. I’m still whiny. I still cry easily (even when I’m happy). Point is, I still have flaws. Though you learn to find yourself throughout high school, the search for your soul continues until the day you die, so you can’t truly hope to be who you really are at the end of your senior year. When I was a freshman, and after watching all of those dumb high school themed movies, I always hoped I’d have a happy ending and have hundreds of friends and be my true self. But, I’m still searching for a happy ending, real friends and myself.

Don’t be me, though. Create your own story. Start erasing your nightmares and turn them into dreams. Don’t stay with toxic people. Be independent. Tell your family and friends you love them before it’s too late. Don’t procrastinate. Get enough sleep. Listen to the music you like. Do the things you want to do. Control your self.

Make your life into a work of art.

Thank you to all of my wonderful teachers and role models that I have had here. You were probably really strict and caused me a lot of stress, but I still love you for it anyway.

Mr. Z, you have been so helpful to me these past years. I’ll never forget the time I paid for the test without even being in your class. Thank you for the fun times in class and at lunch!

Mr. Duffy, thank you for being so strict yet carefree at the same time! I still have no idea about what chemistry is about, but thanks anyway!

Mr. Campbell, you’re the bomb. Thank you for the fun labs and class memories. I think I’m the only person who sees your secret on the notes.

Mr. Kowal, thank you for being a great friend and showing me what a real writer is.

Mrs. Bastian, I miss you so much. Thank you so much for the personal talks and a great friendship for the past four years!

Mr. Luea, even though we don’t agree on 99 percent of the stuff we talk about, thank you for accepting my viewpoint. You’re the best.

Mr. Gollon, thank you for dealing with me. I know I’m annoying, but you and AP Lit. have taught me so much (about literature and about life). Our class was so fun.

Mr. Guyor, you’re such a great video teacher! Video productions was honestly one of my favorite classes, and you being the teacher made it a lot more enjoyable. Thank you for your sarcastic humor and weekly jokes.

Mrs. Kuslits, I learned so much about poetry in your class and it has deeply inspired me to become more involved in writing. Thank you (from TGarber).

Mrs. Matthews, I know I was really annoying in AP Gov. and in Washington, D.C., but remember: I didn’t complain about my heels! Thanks for putting up with the Ted Cruz thing.

Mrs. Oppat, you’re so sweet & aerobics was so fun! Thank you for being a personable teacher.

Thank you to my family. Without you all, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I love you all.

Mom, you are my inspiration.

Lindsey, you’re my queen.

Nicky, you’re the best (love the music taste).

To my cousins and aunts and uncles and grandmothers and grandfathers, thank you for everything.

Thank you to my friends.

Ari Patterson, you’ve been in my life since the beginning and I hope I see you after these rough years. Never forget that one time in French class. Or Mrs. Rennick’s class. Or Facebook message. You’ve stuck by my side (thick and thin) and through those awkward years where we were both managing finding ourselves. I have seen you grow and I hope you have seen the same image of me. You’re my best friend and I genuinely appreciate you and all that you do. You’re one of the only people who has understood me and where I come from.

Mrudula Sriram, you ugly. Psych (not). You’re one in a million! I hope we’re exonerated for the gerbil situation in fifth grade. I love hearing you spill your tea and I hope I can listen to that longer. I know we’re both heading in different directions (literally and figuratively), but I hope you know I’m always here and I love ya.

Zippy Tiller, you’re a killer. And also my beautiful queen! I know that I bother you everyday by making noises or by simply just existing, but it’s because I love you! You’re so beautiful inside and out and I hope you never forget that.

Logan Mierzwa, Skeleton Creek Forever. Homies since 3rd grade up until 12th (and now up to Michigan State!). Math gods forever. You’ve been such a great homie throughout life, and I can’t wait to see you up at State.

Tej & Pranav, one day I will rent you. And I’ll make you a bread sandwich. You also need food to not die. This is all I have to say to you boys.

Mark Landry, keep dabbing. Go red. You’re the only person who agrees with my slight socialist morals, and you’re amazing for that. I hope I see you next year!

Erin Williamson, you’re the best and shortest mom ever, love you!

Aiden Losh, you’re crazy (in a good way). Maybe you’ll redistribute the states one day. Can I come in and get free french fries soon?

Alex Gaydenko, you crazy Russian you. Stop being so smart! Thanks for letting us not get a 100 percent on that partner quiz that one time (I’ll never let that go by the way); “you can divorce him right after this.” #Roojitsu

Jacob Jackson, you’re (pea)nuts! Anyway you’re still the bomb and I wish you well dawg!

Ian Thompson, if I could put emojis on here I would! But thank you for being great B(F)! I know we’ve only been together for four months, but time has flew by so fast this year and it has felt like it’s been so much longer. Thanks for putting up with my craziness and the days where I’m an emotional wreck – you’re amazing. I can’t wait to spend this summer with you (even though you get out a month after me (*cough cough* loser (just kidding))). BUT, you make my days better; thanks for spending your time with me! Take the rest of the year easy, babes.

Patrick Jordan, did you make a snapchat yet? Thank you for being such a kind soul and an amazing friend to me. It feels like I’ve known ya forever! All the love to you my dear.