Check out best and worst words of 2015


Larissa Simoes

A white girl, who just can’t even, loves this place.

Stephen Kaddis, Staff Writer


The Crying Emoji is National Public Radio’s word of the year, but many argue this isn’t a real word. Here are the true five best and five worst words of 2015.


On Fleek

Definition: On fleek means to be on point or looking fabulous.

Origin: It started in 2003 on the site “Urban Dictionary.” The word resurfaced on Vine, with a video posted by “Peaches Monroee,” and was once again popularized. 

Example: “Girl your eyebrows are on fleek.”

Annoyance Level out of 20: 10
It’s not that annoying or aggravating, but it has its moments. “Your eyebrows are on fleek” is a nice thing to say to someone. This word usually compliments someone and isn’t hurtful.


Definition: To “throw” or “give” is usually the way it is used, but it means to have casual disrespect. It can also mean to give or “throw” attitude toward people.

Origin: Throwing or giving shade started in the gay community as a way to show hatred. This later traveled online in  a 1990’s documentary about drag queens, “Paris is Burning.”

Example: Some girl is watching some other girl get asked out. In the distance she comments on the event.  “You aren’t even that pretty, maybe a five at best.” She gets up and walks away; a girl nearby hears and said, “Dang, that girl’s throwing the shade.”

Annoyance Level out of 20: 6
It’s not an annoying word at all; of course people tend to overuse it, but I get where the haters are coming from. The word isn’t too popular but it has a ring to it.

I can’t even

Definition: It means to be unable to comprehend the stuff going on in your life.

Origin: Urban Dictionary was the cause of this word again. In 2005, someone wrote how it meant to be at your breaking point.

Example: “I literally can’t even right now!”

Annoyance Level out of 20: 10
It isn’t too annoying of a phrase, but it drives adults nuts.


Definition: A word used to describe someone who is like family to you.

Origin: The origin of fam is unknown.

Example: “You know man, you’re my fam.”

Annoyance Level out of 20: 4
This word is not annoying; it’s just a fun word to use. Plus, it helps show people how you feel about them. Friends can be like a family, so it’s nice to have a word that describes that feeling.


Definition: A group of friends that aspire to be alike. It is used a lot in the phrase “squad goals.”

Origin: The word squad has been around for a long time, but surprisingly the meaning hasn’t changed.

Example: “Look at my awesome squad, SQUAD GOALS.”

Annoyance Level out of 20: 2
No one is truly annoyed by this word. It just gained popularity among friends. It’s fun in my eyes; people are showing just how much they care about each other.



Definition: Affectionate term used to address or refer to one’s girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s an acronym that means before anyone else.

Origin: Someone wrote the word bae in a dictionary back in 2003. He described it as something you temporarily have while waiting for something better.

Example: “You see that girl there, I’m going to make her my bae.”

Annoyance Level out of 20: 12
This word is the epitome of stupid. There are plenty of words one could use to describe his or her love that are better than this one. Love is a special word that means you care for them. This word means you are good enough, but there is better.

Or nah

Definition: This is kind of a joking way of saying no. That means no, but a less serious no.

Origin: This word comes from a song  by Ty Dolla $ign’s song “Or nah.

Example: “Do you want to get a pizza or nah?”

Annoyance Level out of 20: 11
This phrase is not the most annoying, but it is extremely overused and pointless. Or nah is not a word that we need; why not just use no … it means the same thing and it slips off the tongue … NO!


Definition: The state of being so intoxicated or as some might say “turned up.”

Origin: The original word “lit” meant to light something up, but Urban Dictionary changed this definition.

Example: “Last night was so pumped; I got so lit.”

Annoyance Level out of 20: 14
This word is so annoying. Only bad things can be thought of when you hear it. Lit is used for the most insignificant things, even though it was supposed to be more important.


Definition: To dance by only shaking your butt.

Origin: In 1995 in New Orleans, a rapper by the name of Cheeky Blakk coined the word in his song.

Example: “Watch me twerk,”

Annoyance Level out of 20: 17
Twerk is a horrific word that does not deserve to exist. No good has come from this word; just hearing it causes pain to one’s hears.

Pumpkin Spice

Definition: A common flavoring added to foods to make them “better.”

Origin: Originally a common flavoring used by many, this has expanded into a flavor craze.

Example: “Who wants to go get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks?”

Annoyance Level out of 20: 18
This word is so overused and dominated social media fall of 2015. Of all the words on this list, it is the most annoying. Pumpkin spice this and pumpkin spice that — no more pumpkin spice is what I say.