Last month struggles of a senior

Last month struggles of a senior

Michael Kainz

Being a senior can be stressful enough, with all the final decisions someone is faced with, such as prom, college, and graduation parties. The thing most people don’t even understand about being a senior is that the student has to maintain his and her grades and attendance while dealing with all these last-minute decisions with only about a month left of school.

Furthermore, a high school senior has been in school for seven long months and is ready to graduate in order to see what the next chapter of one’s life holds. Going back to what was stated earlier about students having to maintain their grades and attendance, is not an impossible task, but teachers should acknowledge the long four-year journey most of these seniors have been through. Teachers can help seniors be giving less homework and providing more time to study in class to help these students still keep up the grades.

With that being said, there is no reason for a senior to make attendance issues a reason why not to graduate. The exact number of unexcused absences a student is allowed to have before the class grade diminishes is twenty-two. Also, even if the senior is coming tardy to class often during the last month of senior year, a teacher shouldn’t be really distraught about the issue considering that the student is passing the class and not exceeding the amount of allowed unexcused absences.

Also, seniors are busy with making college decisions, which is another of the reason why teachers should go easy on these students during the month of May. These college decisions are a very big deal for the student, because if the student wants a good job the student needs to choose the right college. Additionally, seniors need to make the right college decision, if that student is going to spend a great deal of money on tuition. The reason for this is that the student doesn’t want to end up with a ton of debt trying to find the student’s dream college/career field.

On the contrary, being a senior can be a very rewarding time for the class. They are about to embark on the next chapter of their life. This is where incoming freshman will learn how to be independent. This is the moment for a senior to actually experience what the real world is actually like.

To make a long story short, teachers and staff at RHS have to be just a little more considerate towards the current senior class, the reason being that the RHS teachers and staff don’t truly realize how much emotion and workload the senior class have gone through and about to go through, during the last month of school for the senior class.