“.Wav Theory” is an impressive debut mixtape


Tommy Massa

On Tuesday, April 28 Preston San, known as Towkio dropped his full length debut mixtape “.Wav Theory.” It’s getting a lot of attention and is ranked up there with some of the top mixtapes of 2015. He is part of Savemoney, a rap group from Chicago which has some of the top emerging rappers. His project ranks right up there with his peers, “Acid Rap” by Chance the Rapper and “Innanetape” by Vic Mensa. This project has 12 tracks but is only 37 minutes long; however, he has many features and multiple producers.

  1. “.Wav Theory” – Being the intro to the album it somewhat does its job by grabbing your attention, but fails to show you the full potential of the project. He starts with some with some odd noises and works it into the beat of the song. It’s a little abstract and probably the weakest track on the project.
  2. “Clean up ft. Chance the Rapper” – This song sets the tone for the album a little better than the intro. This song really doesn’t stand out; it’s nothing amazing, but it is not bad by any means. The beat changes up, which is different, but the lyrics make up for this.
  3. “Involved f. Vic Mensa” – This song has a simple but fitting beat that really complements the vocals of Towkio and Vic Mensa. This is a song isn’t necessarily one you would play at a club, but it’s one you can still move around to.  This song really stands out because the feature Vic really overpowers Towkio on this track.
  4. Free Your Mind ft. Donnie Trumpet- This is an upbeat song that would be played at a house party or in a club. Its really just a positive song with a funky beat.
  5. “God In Me ft. Lather Corduroys” – This song is different than anything else on this album so far; it is like something you would associate with the rest of the Chi-raq movement. It’s not so much ignorant trap rap, but it is very aggressive and has an egotistic feel to it.
  6. “RN (Right Now)” – This song is a little more showing of Towkio’s soft side; the beat plays really well with his flow and his lyrics giving the song a really complete feel to it. It’s not a song that really stands out on the album, but is still good because it offers variety.
  7. “I Know You” – This song plays off of the tone that was set by “RN,” but takes it to the next level. This is song has a great instrumental to go with the vocals and lyrics. Out of the all the songs on the project, it is one that stands out the most and is one of his best songs all together.
  8. “Addicted” – This is really just an interlude to the second half of the album, but it does set you up for the next song.
  9. “Reflection” – This song is one that will stand out to listeners, the whole course revolving around cocaine and the song being about the girl who has a cocaine addiction. This might not be the most lyrical song on the mixtape, but it is still really good and overall is one of the best songs.
  10. “Break You Off” – This song starts with a very abstract beat and when you get into the vocals of the song it has a very serious tone. This song has a lot of emotion and it is really shown when you first get into the course of the song. The song is about getting away from someone to better yourself.
  11. “Heaven Only Knows ft. Chance the Rapper, Lido and Eryn Allen Kane” – This song is very upbeat and everything about it makes it that way. Chance does overshadow Towkio on this track, but overall the song is one that will really stand out and is some of Towkio’s best work.
  12. “Oscillate” – This song has an abstract beat and interesting sound to it, the strong point being the trumpet. The vocals are not bad, but it ends with the trumpets fading out giving you the sense that the mixtape is over.

Overall this mixtape was really good. Towkio showed how diverse he was and how he is different from anyone else in Savemoney. His project is on par with the quality and sound of others debuts such as “Light” by Kami de Chukwu, “Acid Rap” by Chance the Rapper and “Innantape” by Vic Mensa. Towkio is starting to really make a name for himself and he is in the position to blow up and become a well known figure in hip-hop. He has some things he needs to improve on, but for his debut full length project “.Wav Theory” is a solid 9 out of 10.

Twitter- https://twitter.com/towkio

Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/towkio

Website- http://www.towk.io/