What to pack for spring break


Hiba Abbas

Travelling out of town this Spring Break? You’re in luck. Although you think you may have packed all the bare necessities and planned out actions, there are still a few things you may not have thought about to make your trip memorable, comfortable and exciting. Here’s an essential list to take into consideration as you prepare for your journey—by road or air.


The beauty of traveling by plane is not having to deal with sitting in a car for hours listening to your siblings complain. You get to spend hours listening to other kids complain and cry. To avoid this, make sure to bring a good set of headphones, preferably ones that covers your entire ear to block out any background sound. The last thing you need is a terrible beginning to the trip. Make sure to bring a neck pillow or blanket for extra comfort to avoid cramps and numbness in your body. Also, grab a portable charger just in case you run out of battery on the flight. Once you arrive to your destination, make sure to pick up every bag at the belt and frequently take count of family members to make sure no one gets left behind on the way as you make your way out of the airport safely.


Lucky for you, you get to your location at the comfort of your own vicinity, depending how comfortable you find it. The best part of taking  the road is being able to sight-see new places right in your own car. Forest, desert, city—it’s all quite appealing. Make frequent stops at rest areas to be able to move around a bit. This also helps if you get car sick quite a bit. Try to catch up on sleep during the ride. Maybe you got unlucky and have homework assigned over the break; this is a great time to do it when you aren’t busy and involved in more exciting activity. Listen to music or an audiobook to drown out the sound of your family, or connect with them at this time if you wish. Stay full of food and hydrated to remain fresh, so fast food is the way to go. Go old fashioned and do a spring themed crossword or word search. If you’re more of a math person, try sudoku. As soon as the drive is over make sure to kiss the ground before entering your hotel ,make sure you let the ground know how appreciated it is.


Working on the relaxation factor of the trip, there’s so much to discuss. Pack a good pair of sunglasses to keep out the UV rays, you don’t want to get cataract disease. Speaking of protection, don’t forget to pack a good sunblock, at least SPF 30, to prevent burns and peeling skin. On top of that, add a hat, whatever fits your style— floppy, bucket, fedora, you name it. Now that your physique is set for the trip, let’s get to the basics. If you’re going to be relaxing on the beach or by the pool, pack your favorite sports or fashion magazine. Maybe you haven’t read a book in awhile after being assigned books in school all year long, so try to work on your comprehension of self-selected novels. This time is for relaxing, so try not to be super active on social media. Let your eyes rest, put down your head and breathe. Keep this is up for the rest of trip, make sure to stay hydrated and refreshed. Soon enough it’ll be time to go back home to your busy life, so make the most out of the trip.