Breakfast Bracket #3: Kerby’s Coney Island


Danielle Kullmann

Ambiance: The atmosphere is the same as every Rochester diner knock-off. It’s warm and full of light, but nothing looks super clean or quality. Going there will feel like one is married, 80-years-old and just heard a wonderful sermon at church. It’s a nice atmosphere for a good conversation, as it isn’t too loud, or too uncomfortable. (7/10)

Price: The menu is typical of a Coney Island in terms of being caught between breakfast food and Greek food. The pricing is all to be expected, and no one will burn a hole in their pocket after breakfast. (8/10)

Location: Location may be out of the way for many Rochester Hills residents, but the parking is good. (6/10)

Service: The service is great. The servers are all kind people and there were regular check-ups and refills for water and coffee. (10/10)

Plating: The plating is nothing to die for. Each meal item is separated and plated in the way one would put food on one’s plate at home. (5/10)

Coffee: The coffee was not very strong or particularly special– a regular cup made with a regular coffee maker.



The scrambled eggs kind of tasted like the one’s they make at summer camps. Seemingly powdery and suspicious. A better batch could be easily made at home. Whoever made them was also not very good at seasoning, as they needed tremendous salting to consume.


The bacon was very crispy, and very salty. Again, nothing to write home about. It didn’t seem like anyone really made the food with love.


The french toast was made with normal bread you could get at the store, and the bread was bone dry in the middle. Not very tasty or out of the ordinary. It was possible to enjoy them once soaked in syrup though. Plus, the amount of french toast slices given was a worthwhile portion for the amount of money paid, despite not being great.

Overall Kerby’s kind of signified the normal kind of breakfast one would get at a Rochester-style Coney Island. Not spectacular, not skilled. Just mediocre.