Valentine’s day for those without a valentine


Ninotchka Valdez

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to just be about romantic love! Platonic love is just as important. Take the holiday as an opportunity to show loved ones how much you appreciate them. It doesn’t hurt to treat yourself either.

Take your friends out to dinner.

A candlelit dinner doesn’t have to just be between two people. Go the whole way, and spend hours preparing as you would have if you had a date. Dinner can be just as fun with friends you care about.

Go out and see a movie.

There’s no reason you can’t take advantage of the flood of romantic comedies that are usually released on Valentine’s day. Call up a friend, if you’d prefer not to be alone amidst couples, and you won’t have to miss laughing or crying over fictional couples.

Take yourself out for a spa day.

For girls who are looking for something a little more special, a facial or a manicure might be just the thing. It’s a day to show yourself some love, and the results are bound to last for more than a day.