Great Gatsby winter dance


Allison Skelcy

In years past, STUGO has attempted to host a mid-year dance, and in recent years they have been unsuccessful.

This year, STUGO has organized a sadie hawkins dance, which is where the girls ask the boys to the dance- a role reversal.

“The theme is Great Gatsby. So think an elegant roaring 20s set up.”, Emma Fickel said.

Great Gatsby was a popular movie that was released in 2013, and it featured a wealthy man who threw elegant parties throughout the movie.

“The dress code is semi formal. Same as it has been in years past.” Emma Fickel said.

As for the dance, the dress code will be the same as homecoming, so short length dresses for the girls and ties for the men.

“The tickets are going on sale around the first week of February.”, said Emma Fickel “So keep your eyes peeled!”

The day of the Great Gatsby dance is planned for February 21, which is a saturday. The location and cost of tickets in tentative, so contact STUGO for more information.