Gwen Stefani drops “Baby Don’t Lie,” which has echoes of her old pop diva self

Gwen Stefani drops Baby Dont Lie, which has echoes of her old pop diva self

Jessica Leininger

After running the pop scene in the early 2000s and 10 years after proving she wasn’t no “Hollaback Girl,” No Doubt front woman Gwen Stefani is back at her solo career with her new single, “Baby Don’t Lie.” She released her new song on Oct. 20, giving the world a taste of what the rest of her 2015 album will be like.

Stefani isn’t taking too drastic of a departure from what she was doing in 2006 with “Sweet Escape,” but to get a feel for her new song, imagine that album crossed with Shakira from around that same time. Dip “Hollaback Girl” in some desperate Latina vibes and the result would be something close to her new song. It’s an easy way for her to get back into the current pop scene while (sort of) keeping her own sound. The issue is, she is trying so hard to modernize her sound, that her gooey 2006 type of pop appeal is lost. She’s joining the league of women like Madonna and J Lo who have tried to make their solo careers go past their expiration date. Like these women, however, it’s still super entertaining to see how they’re trying to compete with the 20 somethings that are currently dominating the scene.

The music video is her dancing around in front of a green screen with lots of loud colors and shapes , while a tornado of lyrics surround Stefani from time to time. She’s still rocking platinum blonde hair and bold style, but it’s a little more refined now. Some mod polka dots and coiffed hair are a far cry from her bindi/quadruple bun days. It’s good to know she’s still having fun and making music on her own.

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6/10 song

Good for getting ready for school in the morning or singing along to in the car, super fun, super Stefani. It got boring pretty quickly, but expect to hear it on the radio, and get ready for her album in early 2015.