Should pets get holiday gifts?

Does your pet deserve a gift?


Photo by Wyatt Perkins

Wyatt Perkins, Staff Writer

For a long time, people have wondered if their pets should receive gifts this holiday season. Some people think yes, pets are a part of the family too. Others think no, because pets can’t give gifts. Students and staff at Rochester High School were asked “Do you think owners should get their pets gifts this holiday season, why or why not?”

Mrs. Everhart is an Algebra and Geometry teacher at Rochester High School, who has a horse.

“I have always gotten my horse a Christmas gift, he mostly gets peppermints and carrots.” Mrs. Everhart said. “One year I got him a new blanket.” 

When she was asked if all pets should get holiday gifts, she responded with, “I think all pets should get gifts, they are a big part of people’s lives and families.”

This was a common answer with most students at Rochester High School. The students who had pets all agreed that pets should get gifts during the holiday season. 

Sean Fox, a freshman at Rochester High School, has three dogs, and was asked the same question. 

“My dogs always get something for Christmas. They are a part of my family so they always get something. They usually get lots of new treats and bones,” Fox said. “All pets should receive some sort of gift during the holiday season.”

Some of the most common gifts given to dogs during the holiday season are treats, bones, and toys, while for cats, it was toys and treats.

Claire Buban, a Sophomore at Rochester High School, has a cat named Roo. 

“I always get my cat a Christmas gift. She is like a child to me,” Buban said. “I usually get her different types of treats and new toys.”

Students at Rochester High School had a similar answer when it came to what they were getting their pet this holiday season. The most common answers were new types of toys and treats for these peoples loved animals. 

Noah Putrus, a Junior at Rochester High School, was asked if he gets his dog, Fluffy, a gift this holiday season. 

“My parents usually fill up Fluffy’s stocking with all sorts of different treats and toys that she enjoys,” Putrus said.

People love their pets and are getting them holiday gifts to show their appreciation for them. People treat their pets like direct family members, and they show this with the gifts they are receiving during the holiday season. 

Ryan MacDonald, a Sophomore at Rochester High School, has a new puppy named Chloe. 

“Chloe is a big part of our family. She will get lots of new toys and treats this year for Christmas,” MacDonald said. “I think that all pets should get new gifts during the holiday season, so we can show our love for them.”

As you can see, students and staff at Rochester High School get their pets gifts no matter what type of pet they have, and you should too. Your pets have always been by your side;, and the least you could do is to give them a gift during the holidays, to show your appreciation for the happiness they bring you.