“Ouija” conjures up spirits and screams


Julia Labban

Place everyone’s fingers on the planchette, circle the board once for every person participating, say the magic words “As friends we’ve gathered, hearts are true. Spirits near we call to you,” ask whatever questions are desired, but always remember to say goodbye. Playing with a Ouija board usually results in someone pushing the planchette to mess with his or her friends or about five minutes of waiting for a response before everyone gets bored and quits. In “Ouija,” put a group of horror movie characters grieving from the loss of their friend in the same situation and the result is much more horrifying.

Shocked by the sudden death of their friend, five high schoolers try to communicate with her through a ouija board due to their skepticism regarding what was deemed her “suicide.” Horror ensues as the group is terrorized by what they thought was their lost friend. Through their struggles with the other side, the teens discover what really happened to their friend and what chilling events occurred before she had lived in the house where they meet to conjure her. With their knowledge, they battle evil spirits in attempt to truly end the game.