Every day is a great day to give advice


Allison Skelcy

Q: People keep taking my shirt off and taking pictures of me. I really don’t like having pictures of my body floating around. What should I do?

Cara: Obviously the people doing this to you have no respect for other people and their well being. You should start by trying to cut all ties with these people. They seem like a negative influence on you and the amount of clothing you are wearing. Obviously it’s not gonna be possible to completely avoid them in such instances you should make sure to wear more clothing. If you wear several layers, it will be impossible for them to pull off all the layers without giving you enough time to escape. At any warning of your clothing being removed, you should immediately run in the opposite direction of the culprit. If you are ambushed by the enemy, you should fall on the ground and remain in fetal position until they have left. If none of these tactics are effective, I would suggest starting to wear suspenders or secretly duct taping your shirts down. Or even a combination of all of these suggestions will ensure that your shirt is not removed and there is no photographic evidence of your bare chest.

Allison: Learn to embrace the stark stardom, and own your body. You are beautiful, inside and out, and clearly other people see your inner beauty. I would suggest attempting to feel more comfortable in your own skin, which could be accomplished by finding a unique style and showing it off. The people who are committing these acts may just feel that you could be a model, and they want you to recognize that. If you still feel uncomfortable with these actions, maybe you could ask them to remove an article of their clothing, sort of like an “eye for an eye.”

Q: School is really stressing me out lately.  What can I do to prevent stress/get rid of it?

Cara: I would say make sure you’re organized. If you write down exactly what needs to be done every day and do it, there shouldn’t be any problems. If you have a plan of attack, you won’t stress out. Also, find some way to relax. Whatever it is, do it. It could be a bubble bath in the evenings then a steaming cup of hot cocoa, or it could be killing zombies in COD. It doesn’t matter what it is because relaxation can vary from person to person. If you dedicate just a half an hour a day to relax, I’m sure your stress level will be totally alleviated.

Allison: Step back and evaluate your priorities, whatever they may be. If you feel as if you are taking on too much, then scale back on what you choose to take on. Don’t feel like you have to say yes to everyone or everything that comes your way; if you feel that saying no is important to your overall well being, do so. Focus on what, and whom, makes you happy in order to fully be able to experience the true essence of high school. If a homework assignment doesn’t get turned in because a friend wants to go grab ice cream, do not fret. The experiences in high school far outweigh one or two missing assignments. Work on feeling content with your day to day routine, and the rest will fall into place.